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On July 1, 2020, SIA “Linda-1”, in cooperation with LVMI “Silava”, has started the specific support objective of the program “Growth and Employment” 1.1.1. “To increase the research and innovation capacity of Latvian scientific institutions and the ability to attract external funding by investing in human resources and infrastructure” measure Implementation of the “Practical Orientation Research” project “Development of a new food smoking technology for reducing the concentration of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (benzpyrene) in smoked meat products -“ Blue smoke ”(No.

The aim of the study is to obtain intellectual property rights and economic benefits by developing a new food smoking technology based on the latest scientific knowledge, which will consist of a smoking machine with automated control and specially developed fuel, which will ensure in a complex way that natural wood used in food smoking. the smoke from combustion is generated and controlled in such a way that the smoked products meet the criteria set by the EC for benzpyrene concentration, while maintaining the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of the final product.

Total funding of the project: 617 503.51 EUR and it is planned to be implemented by 31 December 2022.